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“新质,新动能” ApexTire2023 中国轮胎年度大选盛大启幕


  万众期待的“ApexTire2023 中国轮胎年度大选”正式拉开帷幕,活动以“新质,新动能”为主题,由中国轮胎商务网(tirechina.net)发起主办,业内权威机构和众多主流媒体支持协办。

  The highly anticipated "ApexTire2023 China Tire Annual Election" has officially begun. Centered around the theme "New Quality, New Momentum," the event is initiated and hosted by China Tire Business Network (tirechina.net), with support and co-sponsorship from authoritative institutions within the industry and numerous mainstream media outlets.


  The "ApexTire2023" aims to "establish industry benchmarks and inspire the future of the industry," guiding the direction of progress in tire products and technology. By summarizing the achievements of the tire industry and the automotive aftermarket in branding, technology, and products over the past year, it documents the strides made in industrial technology and business model innovation. This effort enables channel end-users and consumers to have a more objective understanding of the development of industry brands and provides a scientific basis for consumers' purchasing decisions.


  As a large-scale and influential national selection event in the tire and automotive aftermarket industry, "ApexTire2023" is widely regarded within the industry as the "Annual Oscars" of the tire and automotive aftermarket sector. Led by international giants and featuring the participation of well-known Chinese independent brands, this event achieves cross-industry integration. It serves as an endorsement of quality and a testament to industry status for the brands involved.



  Innovate the five major dimensions of the selection criteria.


  At the foundation of all things, the greatest truths are simple, evolving into complexity. The innovation of five key dimensions of selection criteria, deepening industry chain interaction, and cross-industry integration, are the main features of "ApexTire2023." This year's "ApexTire2023" evaluation activity employs a core brand evaluation system based on five dimensions: innovation-driven, market win-win, user experience, industry leadership, and green development. It continuously innovates the event format, discovering outstanding products and highlighting excellent brands. As the core elements of the selection, this edition of "ApexTire2023" integrates multiple transformative factors into its evaluation criteria. The innovative dimensions of "ApexTire2023" showcase the direction of the tire industry's development within the context of Chinese-style modernization, emphasizing the quality, balance, safety, and sustainability of economic growth.


  “ApexTire2023 中国轮胎年度大选”将在企业申报资格海选,第三方权威机构质量检测结果(一票否决权)基础上,通过线上用户投票(占比30%)、专业市场调研(占比20%)、专家导师团评审(占比40%)、媒体观察评议(占比10%)流程,以线上线下大数据+智能算法产生ApexTire品牌荣誉指数,确定ApexTire2023 中国轮胎年度大选榜单,并举行盛大的颁奖盛典全球张榜。

  The "ApexTire2023 China Tire Annual Election" will begin with a pre-selection of corporate applicants, followed by quality inspections conducted by third-party authoritative organizations, which hold veto power (one-vote disqualification). The final selection is determined through a combination of online user voting (accounting for 30%), professional market research (20%), reviews by a panel of expert mentors (40%), and media observation and commentary (10%). Utilizing both online and offline big data in conjunction with intelligent algorithms, the ApexTire Brand Honor Index is generated. This index will determine the honorees of the ApexTire2023 China Tire Annual Election, culminating in a grand award ceremony that will be globally announced.


  Deepening Industry Chain Interaction and Cross-Industry Integration

  “ApexTire2023 中国轮胎年度大选”致力于实现轮胎产业链互动,将汽车、设备等行业应用场景跨界融合推向新的高度,加大在轮胎用户和渠道终端的传播力度,扩大评选活动在汽车制造、工程机械、物流交通、汽修保养以及在代理商和车主群体的影响力,传播行业好故事,弘扬行业好声音。

  The "ApexTire2023 China Tire Annual Election" is dedicated to enhancing interaction within the tire industry chain, elevating cross-industry integration with automotive and equipment applications to new heights. It focuses on increasing outreach to tire users and channel end-users, expanding the impact of the selection event in automotive manufacturing, construction machinery, logistics and transportation, auto repair and maintenance, and among distributors and vehicle owners. This effort aims to spread inspiring stories from the industry and promote its positive image.


  As leading forces in the automotive service market, outstanding enterprises in lubricants, tires, and auto repair are trending towards empowering end-users through business innovation and cross-industry integration. The "2023 Annual Automotive Service Competitiveness Selection," initiated by automotive media dedicated to "taking good care of every car," such as Syang Automotive and NEV New Energy Vehicle Observation, and co-hosted by China Lubricant Information Network and China Tire Business Network, will be held concurrently with the ApexTire2023 China Tire Annual Election. This event will research and honor brands, products, and services that have excelled in the automotive service market, including those in lubricants, tires, batteries, auto repair chains, and car culture. The activities are designed to turn exceptional product quality and service experience into a bond between brands and users, sharing brand excellence, conveying the spirit of brand innovation, and achieving a win-win situation for the entire industry chain. The aim is to become a trendsetter in China's automotive service market and a benchmark for innovative smart service models.


  According to the announcement, the award ceremony will coincide with the "2024 China New Energy Vehicle Service Development Summit Forum." New energy vehicles represent China's smart manufacturing on the global stage. The forum will feature key figures from the lubricant, tire, and new energy vehicle sectors, bringing industry-leading perspectives and strategic insights to colleagues. Industry leaders, top experts, renowned company CEOs, GMs, and leaders of companies awarded in the ApexTire2023 China Tire Annual Election, as well as other distinguished guests from both domestic and international segments of the lubricant, tire, and automotive aftermarket industry chains, will come together for this event. Their collaboration aims to inspire deeper and more forward-looking contemplation within the industry and actively promote its healthy development.


  The current wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation intersects historically with our country's accelerated shift in economic development methods, placing the industry at a crucial juncture in the evolution of new energy transformation. Advocating for an innovation-driven approach, especially under the "dual carbon" goals, the industry is encouraged to break away from traditional growth models. This approach focuses on forming and developing a new caliber of productive forces characterized by advanced development leaps. It aims to continuously upgrade the tire industry system with higher efficiency and effectiveness, thereby creating new industries, fostering new momentum, and establishing new advantages.


  In the grand complexity of things, there lies an underlying simplicity that is far from ordinary. Looking back, the "ApexTire2023 China Tire Annual Election" has witnessed the many remarkable achievements in the development of China's tire industry. Looking forward, the infusion of new productive forces propels the might of China's intelligent manufacturing, breaking through barriers with unprecedented power. As both a participant and observer of the industry's vast and tumultuous history of progress, "ApexTire2023 China Tire Annual Election" steadfastly adheres to the principle of "establishing industry benchmarks and enlightening the future of the industry," guiding the direction of tire product and technological advancement.


  In tumultuous times, true heroism emerges; with unwavering initial resolve, the importance of action in nation-building becomes even more evident. A vibrant China and an industry that evolves day by day. The "ApexTire2023 China Tire Annual Election" is committed to moving forward with determination and vigorous spirit, honoring industry heroes with the "Oscar" of the tire world and showcasing the glory of the champions!




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